Education. Empowerment. Healing.

I SEE You.

It’s no accident that you’ve arrived here, at this moment. Somewhere deep inside, the candle of transformation has been lit. You may not even be aware of it. All you know is:

  • You’re looking for deeper Spiritual connections
  • You’re in emotional or physical pain each day
  • You’re feeling physically and emotionally tired
  • You’re yearning for something more out of life
  • You’re looking for a tool to manage stress
  • You’re stuck personally or professionally
  • You’re carrying trauma of life-events that happened yesterday or years ago
  • You’re filled with a deep desire to heal yourself, others and the world
  • You’re exhausted at the end of each day

I get it. I’ve been there. I’m a recovering people-pleaser and corporate dropout. I’ve lived with years of physical and emotional pain. I was stuck in chronic stress. I didn’t sleep well. I became a diabetic. I wasn’t living in alignment with my values and beliefs. I didn’t have a fulfilling life. I was stuck in the past. I wasn’t happy even though I was making a six-figure salary. Simply put, I wasn’t living my life’s purpose. With the support of Reiki, I changed all of it.

Now I embrace life! I look forward to each day. I’m blessed to assist others in their healing journey. Most important, I have the tools to heal myself, deeply, powerfully. Reiki has provided me with the most important life management tool I’ve ever used.

I’m living a life filled with joy, gratitude, and love!

Clients and Students who work with me are looking to empower themselves. They’re ready for something more. They want to live in the present, not the past. They realize transformation and deep healing is a process. They’re willing to let go of their old hurts. They’re ready to rediscover themselves. In our work together, you’ll:

    • Recognize and release your fears,
    • Reconnect to your true essence,
    • Let go of anxiety, anger and stress,
    • Learn gentle, non-invasive techniques for healing yourself and others,
    • Remember how to claim your value,
    • Discover how to live a balanced life,
  • Fully and completely Love YOU – the shiny parts and the warts.

Are you ready to step up and let Reiki help you claim an empowered life? Let’s talk. In our free Reiki for Everyday Living call, we’ll talk about your vision of the life you want, where you are now, and how Reiki can turn your vision into reality. My offerings include Certified Reiki classes through the International Center for Reiki Training, in-office and remote Energy Healing treatments, Empowered Life Coaching and Transformational Workshops.

My office is located in the University Executive Park of Charlotte, NC, convenient to I-85, University Research Park, UNC-C and Carolinas Healthcare System.

Bryce Goebel, LRMT, CCH
Empowered Living Coach ~ Intuitive
International Center for Reiki Training Licensed Reiki Master Teacher
Shelter Animal Reiki Association Reiki Master Teacher

Charlotte’s destination for quality Reiki training and balanced living