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All classes are certified and feature Holy Fire Reiki.

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Want to empower yourself at the deepest level?  Learn Reiki!  
All classes are certified and feature Holy Fire Reiki.

Animal Reiki: For Reiki Practitioners who want to support animals in their healing

This one full day or two half-day proprietary Animal Reiki training is designed for Reiki practitioners who want to learn how to safely and effectively share Reiki with animals.  Open to Reiki practitioners of all levels and lineages.  It’s perfect for people who work in a veterinary office, volunteer in a shelter or Animal Rescue organization, or would like to support a pet or other animal in the healing process.

Fee includes certificate from A Reiki Place, discussion, mini-manual, lecture, demonstrations, hands-on practice, feedback, and recordings (for online classes).

Reiki Training Focused on Animals

These special courses are taught live online using Zoom, or at shelters and rescues, with a minimum of 25% of the net proceeds going to the rescue organization.

We’ll be discussing:

  • Meditating with animals,
  • How Animal Reiki works,
  • The importance of letting the animal lead the treatment,
  • The “why” and “why not” of beaming Reiki to animals,
  • How to stay safe in all situations,
  • Overcoming your fears of working with animals,
  • Inviting animals into the healing space,
  • How and when to use symbols,
  • How to help rescue and shelter animals,
  • How to “hear” what animals are trying to share with you,
  • And much more.

Class includes lots of time for discussion, practice and questions.  Online classes have time for Bryce to work with you and your animals.

Training fees are payable below.  You’re registered when payment is received. Payment is non-refundable, but can be used for services or a training date within one year.  Please contact me if you have any questions or to arrange a different payment option.



KeKoa, a Timber Wolf at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, enjoying an impromptu Reiki session with Bryce.

Once animals realize they can trust you to hold a safe, STABLE healing space for them, the experience is relaxing and magical for BOTH of you.  KeKoa is relaxing and getting ready for the “Reiki sleep.”

Using Kathleen’s Let Animals Lead™ method, you’ll learn that the animal, NOT YOU, is in charge of the session.  You work together in partnership.  Bring peace to animals with Reiki.

Large or small, all willing animals can benefit from Reiki.  This is Jazz, from Suzy’s Pride, enjoying her Reiki session.  She waited “patiently” for me to work on five others before lettuce me know it was her turn.  Within minutes, she was sleeping away as she received Reiki.

As practitioners, we may not be allowed into every enclosure due to liability and safety reasons.  And that’s OK. We do not have to touch for Animal Reiki to work.  And Reiki can be sent to animals in other locations.

The beauty of Reiki is that you’re sharing from your heart.


Animal Reiki can be shared with rescue animals and their human caretakers.  Many people aren’t aware of the stress that humans go through as they attempt to help animals.

Many rescue animals have endured some level of trauma, so trusting humans can be hard.

This is Shadow from the Charlotte SPCA.  She came to the SPCA as a “Hurricane dog”.  She was born in St. Croix and didn’t have a human family until arriving at the SPCA.  Animal Reiki helped her quickly develop trust with her new forever family.


Animal Reiki is a wonderful way to support animals helping humans in their own healing journey.  Here Bryce is sharing an Introduction to Animal Reiki talk and demonstration with EAGALA, a group that uses horses to assist with psycho-therapy for humans.

In these cases, the horses can benefit from Reiki to offset the energy they’re using to help humans heal.  Reiki can also be used to help humans and horses in any equine-assisted therapy program.


You never know who you might get to share Reiki with.  My Animal Reiki journey has taken me to many different places, working with countless animals and situations.

The animals themselves have been amazing teachers throughout the journey.  They’ve taught me to trust my own intuition when working with animals, to laugh at the “two-leggeds” (what many of them call humans!), and to understand the difference in healing and curing at the deepest levels.  Working with animals has made me a more effective Reiki practitioner for humans too!

Happy Students

Casey Brown

Bryce is a wonderful, passionate, patient teacher.  Her explanations are thorough and she is open to any question.  Taking a class with her is a beautiful experience.