What are we teaching our children to Empower them?  How are we giving them tools needed to create a world of Harmony, Respect and Peace?  Children look to adults for boundaries and guidance.  They follow our examples, even when we’re not aware they’re paying attention.  If we want to break the cycle of text-crazy, uninvolved young people, we have to lead.  We have to show our children and teens HOW to be engaged and how to appreciate this Earth we all live on.  We have to show our children to Be Brave, to take chances, and to put themselves out there.  We have to empower them to be engaged and caring adults.  We have to allow them to be independent, to be free thinkers.  Teaching children mindfulness allows them to learn to live in the moment.  They learn how to be completely at one with the Earth and all inhabitants.  They learn to appreciate Nature.  They learn to love animals and see them as sentient beings.