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Reiki for Stress™ Mastermind begins January 2020

Stress is part of everyday life.  Whether it’s in your personal or professional life, chronic stress is unhealthy.  Stress has physical, emotional, and mental effects.  These effects are amplified in the workplace.  From burnout to increased absenteeism, companies are paying the price for employees’ stress.

As a Reiki practitioner, you have the skills to help people release stress and improve their quality of life.  You know the benefits Reiki can offer; from improved sleep to increased mental clarity, Reiki can help.

Imagine having the knowledge to confidently bring Reiki into the workplace.  From inception to execution, Bryce will show you how successfully craft, launch and maintain a Reiki for Stress™ program.  Together you’ll learn to

  • Gather data showing how stress is affecting the workplace
  • Understand what the data truly means, and the cost to companies
  • Identify a good fit for a Reiki for Stress™ program
  • Find a Champion
  • Engage a contact
  • Craft and deliver a powerful, compelling presentation to decision makers
  • Build a ‘try before you buy’ program
  • Create a Good Faith Agreement for your program
  • Interview employee participants
  • Present results to management
  • Move to a paid, company-sponsored program

Can you do this on your own?  Absolutely.  You can struggle, make mistakes (some can be costly), and get frustrated.  Or you can follow Bryce’s proven formula. Because she’s already “been there, done that” you can learn from her successes AND failures.  In the Reiki for Stress™ Mastermind, Bryce will personally lead you every step of the way!

There are two levels of this Mastermind group available, the Professional and the Executive.

  • Both levels will enjoy the following benefits:
    • A private membership group to share information, start discussions, and receive support
    • A monthly group call with Bryce
    • Proprietary resources used to craft, launch and maintain vibrant workplace Reiki programs
    • Personal support from Bryce
    • A Reiki for Stress™ Professional Practitioner certificate when you’ve launched your first program
  • In addition to the above, the Executive level will also receive:
    • A monthly private strategy call with Bryce
    • The opportunity to add additional private calls at a reduced rate
    • Currently limited to SIX practitioners
Professional Level:  $495 per month
Executive Level:  $695 per month
Take employees from this

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Interested?  Register now.  Spots are limited and applicants will be accepted on a first come basis.  Please do not register if you’re not willing to do the work required to succeed in the program.