You’ve completed your first Reiki class.

As you start the Reiki journey, so many questions begin to come up.  

  • How can Reiki help me live authentically?
  • How can I use Reiki everyday?
  • How can I deepen my Reiki practice?
  • Can I have fun with Reiki?
  • Did I learn everything I need to know?

Or worse, maybe you’re feeling frustrated.  

  • You forgot the hand placements (or maybe they weren’t covered at all).
  • You didn’t get much (or any) hands-on practice in class.
  • You’d love to talk to others about Reiki but don’t feel confident.
  • You’re afraid to share Reiki with others because you’re afraid you’ll hurt them.
  • You’re not comfortable sharing Reiki with others.
  • Your teacher said self-Reiki was important but didn’t tell you WHY.

Does this sound like you?

If so, it’s time to join Bryce Goebel, Licensed Reiki Master Teacher with the International Center for Reiki Training, for Empowered Reiki™: Next Steps.

Three Month Online Live Training – begins June 2020

Join Bryce each month for TWO live two-hour Zoom video conference calls.  Each call will focus on a specific Reiki topic designed to enhance your skills, increase your confidence, and deepen your relationship with Reiki.  All calls will be recorded so you can refer to the content as often as you desire.  Questions during the month?  Post in the private Facebook group or send an email to get support.  Space is limited.

Call 1: The self-Reiki journey

  • Discovering why a daily self-Reiki practice is important
  • Deepening your relationship with Reiki
  • Transitioning from DOing to BEing
  • Learning to live authentically

Call 2: The Reiki Ideals

  • Understanding the Reiki Ideals for today’s hectic world
  • Living the Ideals each day
  • Embracing the Ideals in your life
  • Being in Gratitude

Call 3: Empowering your life with Reiki

  • Developing your intuition
  • Using Reiki all day, every day
  • Releasing blocks that keep you from moving forward
  • Energizing your environment for Balance and Harmony

Call 4: Sharing Reiki with Others

  • Explaining Reiki and its benefits to other people
  • Sharing Reiki with people
  • Sharing Reiki with animals
  • Starting a Reiki circle

Call 5: Reiki and other energy modalities

  • Combining Reiki with crystals
  • Combining Reiki with sound
  • Using Reiki in Nature

Month 6: Reiki in the community

  • Donating your time
  • Reiki during and after COVID-19
  • Connecting with interested people
  • When (or if) it’s time to start a Reiki business
  • Questions for the new Reiki business owner

Bonus Call: Celebration

  • Celebrating student success

Investment: Regular price is $995.  Discounted to $595 (one payment) or $239 per month)billed monthly for three months)

Online Self-paced Course

Coming soon.

Happy Clients

Our clients are happy to speak for themselves about their experiences with Reiki treatments and classes.


Ashley Wilkens

When I first met Bryce, I knew there was something extremely special about her.  She exhibited this amazing gift of intuition and perception about people that I had not experienced with another individual.  I felt a very strong pull to confide in Bryce and begin my personal journey of healing.  Bryce has been a life force in helping me sort through and release my resentment and anger.  Bryce is always considerate and asks “What do you need from me today?”  When I walk into her room, I leave the chaotic world and feel a sense of peace.  Bryce uses a holistic approach and recommends techniques and ways to relax including guided imagery and meditation.  Bryce genuinely and selflessly wants to share her gift for the good of others and their higher power.  She has been instrumental in my life.

Pamela Collins

I chose to work with Bryce because she was non-judgmental and her sense of openness in approach appealed to me.  She is incredibly professional and willing to explain anything that I had questions about.  She helped me recognize my role in “hanging on” to old hurts.  Also the possibilities for my role as the person who “lets go.”  A significant pain in my hip that I didn’t realize was energetic in nature was totally healed without my identifying it for Bryce.  I liked that.  It was the same for my heart fears.  I can honestly say that I felt better (I’d even go so far as to say soon much better) after our sessions then when I arrived.  Bryce is a great example of someone choosing to walk their path as a healer.  She isn’t just a source of information and service, but also encouragement and gentle nudging as to what I can do for myself.  This increased my own skill set, as well as my perception of that skill set.  I would whole-heartedly recommend Bryce Goebel for healing problems of any nature.  Try her once.  You’ll never regret the decision.