Reiki Basics

Reiki Hands for All

Bryce Goebel Reiki Master Teacher

Almost every day, I get to speak with someone curious about Reiki.  They want to attend class but don’t have the funds.  They want a tool to better manage stress.  They want to help themselves or a loved one with a chronic condition.  Or they volunteer and want to ease suffering of those they meet.  The list is endless.


I created Reiki Basics as my way to give “Reiki Hands” to more people, without having to attend a formal class.  You’re receiving a quality workshop from a Reiki Master teacher licensed with the International Center for Reiki Training.  Workshops are offered live in Charlotte NC or the virtual classroom.

In our two hours together, you’ll

  • Learn the history of Reiki
  • Receive the Level I attunement to give you “Reiki Hands”
  • Practice the self-treatment hand positions
  • Get tips on using Reiki throughout your day
  • Bring your questions and life challenges so Bryce can help!

Investment: $49USD
Dates: December 20th, 2020 3pm – 5pm EST