Reiki Mentorship

Deepen Your Learning

Want to empower yourself at the deepest level?  Learn Reiki!  
All classes are certified and feature Holy Fire Reiki.

One-on-one Training

The mentorship is for anyone who has received a Reiki attunement, placement or ignition from any teacher or lineage.  Your previous training can be in-person or online.  Whether you’re looking to deepen your practice, learn more about Reiki, start a Reiki business, incorporate Reiki into your lifestyle, or become a teacher, the mentorship can support you.  This limited enrollment program incorporates a monthly private call with personal coaching from Bryce.  Your personal coaching will include any topic you choose!

03f9440ae6a515848c8c316d6ad8a070Participants in the program will also be offered VERY special opportunities to support and learn from me as I teach and educate the community.  I am limiting the number of people enrolled so I can give each person individual attention.  I want this to be a powerful, transformative experience.

The mentorship will include:

  • A monthly live 60-minute Zoom call.  The call is recorded so you can refer to the content over and over.  Calls are scheduled when convenient for you and Bryce.  Additional calls can be added, based on availability.
  • Email support throughout the month.
  • Bryce will share tools, templates, or other information relevant to the goals.
  • A minimum three month commitment from each participant.  At the end of three months, you can renew for three or six months.  It takes time to build new skills.

The normal cost for coaching and support at this level would be $375 a month. Participants in the mentorship will pay only $125 a month (you’re receiving 3 months of coaching for the price of 1).

If you’re interested, give Bryce a call.  If you’ve already taken class with Bryce, and know this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss, you can make the first payment below.  You’ll be billed monthly for your payment.