Reiki Master Workshops

Holy Fire III Reiki Master Online Upgrade

Pre-requisite. To qualify to take this class, you must be a Holy Fire®  III Reiki Master or Holy Fire® III Karuna Reiki Master.  Questions?  Contact Bryce to discuss your eligibility.

This is a non-certificate special workshop that upgrades the participant’s energy from Holy Fire® III to the latest Holy Fire® III Online (Bryce calls it Holy Fire IIIa) version.  After completion, participants can offer distant Placements and Ignitions to others by phone, Zoom, etc.

The Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it.  Reiki and Holy Fire® have evolved to support the world during these unprecedented time.  In addition, this new style of Holy Fire® Reiki is also a more powerful and effective healing energy.  Bryce says the new energy is very “Earthy.”

Workshop Content

  • Discuss the evolution and changes in Holy Fire® Reiki
  • Receive Empowerment in the River of Life Experience
  • Receive the Holy Fire® Online Ignition
  • Practice giving a Reiki session
  • Discuss teaching changes and important information about teaching online

Class Materials you’ll receive

  • Holy Fire® Online Teaching Supplement that includes all the additional presentations
$129 – Reiki Master Online Teaching Upgrade – June 17th, 2020 10:00am – 1:30pm Eastern USA

Reiki Master Teaching Foundations

Bryce Goebel Reiki Master TeacherEnergy is everywhere.  It controls every part of your life.  With Reiki, you’re better able to manage stress, empower everyday life, and support yourself and others in healing.  As Reiki Masters, you can share the joy of “Reiki Hands” with others.

You know the benefits Reiki can offer; from improved sleep to increased mental clarity, Reiki can help.  Imagine having the knowledge to confidently create a Reiki workshop or class that will energize and engage the participants.

In this five-hour live training, Bryce will share the most important thing you need for a successful Reiki class – the Energetics of Teaching.  To allow for optimum learning, fun, and engagement, the facilitator (YOU!) must create and hold the energetic container.  When you don’t, you’re trying to teach in energy chaos, students are not engaged, you get fatigued, and the class is overwhelmed.  Learn why the energetics of teaching can cause your class to fail or succeed.

The workshop will be recorded by area (Energetics, Informal Class, First Degree, Second Degree) so you can refer to the material over and over.  There will be a lunch and integration/Q&A time from 11am – Noon.  Class outlines, Empowered Reiki™ teaching tips, resources, and tools for success will be shared for Level I/First Degree, Level II/Second Degree and an informal Reiki Level I class.  Learn why the informal class is the perfect option to begin teaching Reiki to others.

Fee includes live online training using Zoom, recordings, class outlines, class success tools, discussion, and ongoing support through a private Facebook group.  Open to Reiki Masters of all lineages.

Can you do this on your own?  Absolutely.  You can be exhausted after class, make mistakes (some can be costly), and get frustrated when your students take control of class.  Even worse, you may not share Reiki at all because you’re afraid to teach others.  Or you can follow Bryce’s proven formula used in over 300 classes.  Because she’s already “been there, done that” you learn from her successes AND failures.  Bryce will personally lead you every step of the way!

$149 – Reiki Master Teaching Foundations – July 23rd, 2020 9:00am – 2:00pm Eastern USA time

Interested?  Register below.  Spots are limited and applicants will be accepted on a first come basis.